Lenovo Robotic Vacuum Cleaner T1s Pro

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Lenovo Robot Vacuum T1 vacuum cleaner robot, control via app, white

Monitoring and control conveniently via app
The smart Lenovo T1 vacuum cleaner robot can be easily controlled and monitored using the included app, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection. The specially designed app also provides many other useful features, such as 7-day planning, virtual wall placement and more. In addition, various cleaning modes can be activated via the app and the robot can clean the entire area or specific rooms according to your wishes.

Charging station with integrated suction
The charging station includes an automatic suction station. This extends the time in which the T1 Pro can independently clean the apartment.

Sensors that guarantee high efficiency
To ensure effective surface cleaning and to prevent collisions, the device has 25 built-in sensors. An improved sensor system and a soft cover on the housing protect against collisions with existing furniture or other objects. Anti-falling sensors help to protect the robot from falls and guarantee unrestricted operation. The device can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm in height to clean carpets or overcome door thresholds between rooms. Thanks to LDS Laser Navigation, your robot knows exactly where it is in the room at all times and can therefore work independently

Hard floors, no carpets
For the best wiping results, you can place wipe exclusion zones and virtual walls in the app provided. The smart robot only wipes your suitable floors and not carpets.
Efficient cleaning

Using LDS laser navigation, the robot wipes and vacuums in a systematic cleaning pattern. The room is cleaned evenly and no corner is left out. This gives you the best cleaning results over an area of more than 200 square meters. Thanks to the supplied base station, the suction robot can operate independently, as it can be charged and emptied even during the cleaning process.


LDS Laser Navigation and SLAM-mapping technology
easy control via app, with Google home or Amazon Alexa
Filter: HEPA; sound power level: <70 dB(A)
strong suction power with max. 2700pa
automatic loading and unloading at the supplied station