Bank Account details

Bank: Banco De Oro (BDO)
Branch: Quezon Avenue-Cordillera
Account No: 277-0052930
Account Name: COMPEX Q.C., INC.

Bank: China Bank
Account Number: 1071208568
Account Name: COMPEX Q.C.,INC.- MAIN

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Account Number: 000213404105
Account Name: COMPEX QC INC
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Landline (02) 711-0288
Globe (0917) 829-0288
Smart (0999) 993-1498
Sun (0922) 838-6259

COMPEX International, Inc. is acclaimed as one of the country's foremost computer and office equipment distributors in the Philippines.  COMPEX is a corporation built around an understanding that the successful development of technological innovation has to be tied to the needs of its clientele.  Established in 1976,  COMPEX  has evolved from one of the country's leading office equipment distributor to one of the country's foremost provider of technological innovations in the field of computer, office automation and the internet.

Through the years, COMPEX has formed several alliances within and beyond its borders.  With these alliances, COMPEX was able to keep itself informed with the latest technological innovations; thus enhancing its role in the technological arena.  As a result, COMPEX continues to provide timely solutions to the needs of its clientele. 

One bold concept, providing the best customer experience, made COMPEX the country's preeminent technological provider. COMPEX was able to successfully deliver customer satisfaction in markets it caters by providing unprecedented quality, competitive pricing, and cutting edge technology.  Looking forward, COMPEX aims to continue in helping shape the future of information technology.

COMPEX.COM - Compex Expands to Embrace the Great Technology Convergence

Great technology convergence is happening in the 21st century with the integration of PC, Telecom, Mobile Computing and PDA.  As Markets for converged handheld device starts to form, Compex is extending its retail presence through to further serve your future technology needs at continued great value prices.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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